Learn to bring the full scope and power of sacred speech to your life, relationships and profession. This training benefits Yoga Teachers and Practitioners; Artists, Healers, Energy Workers and Therapists; Business Owners and Professionals. 

No prior understanding of Sanskrit, mantra, yoga or Indian spirituality neccessary. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned mantra practitioner, this training will empower your power of speech and communication and take you to the next level! It is designed for a busy lifestyle and benefits numerous professional occupations, including therapists and yoga teachers.


The Mastery of Mantra™ is a comprehensive 1-YEAR training (with optional certification if requested). It is for anyone wanting to learn how to effectively alter affect and transform their consciousness, their lives, their relationships and their professions through the power of sacred speech.

1. Mastery of Mantra™ Training is a unique one year mantra training and optional certification program for anyone who wishes to study and apply mantras at a higher level through one-on-one training in small groups with individual attention. All sessions are archived for your continued access and learning.

2. The Mastery of Mantra™ Design is geared towards spiritual self-care and creating high quality consciousness for professionals of all persuasions, therapists, and yoga practitioners. It is both professional and person, developing self-empowerment along with spiritual realization.

3. The Mastery of Mantra™ Curriculum is not academic knowledge, although it is solidly researched. The curriculum is geared towards personal transformation and healing. It offers powerful live trainings that shape your own mastery of mantra and covers essential and crucial aspects related to mantra practice

4. The Mastery of Mantra™ Support allows for questions to be answered through 24/7 online forum as it builds community with like-minded individuals. All content remains accessible 24/7 and can also be downloaded for offline access. The emphasis is the deeper dimensions of mystical and yogic experience.

5. The Mastery of Mantra™ System organizes your process with powerful and easy-to-study modules. These compacted but ingeniously designed tutorials can be streamed 24/7 as well as download to any device. You can participate from anywhere in the world, assimilate, and interact with convenience.


Tap the mystical and subtle aspect of sound
Sound Body Subtle Body (Tantric Power)

  • Learn how to place sound in your body to facilitate deep spiritual healing and spiritual self-care.
  • Awaken to how spiritual sounding affects the subtle body and stimulates energy in the chakras.
  • Tap the ecstatic experience of Tantra through tongue positions and feel the visceral power of sacred sound energize your body.
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Learn Sanskrit from the energy perspective
Step-by-Step Tutorials (Linguistic Power) 

  • Start from the very basics of the Sanskrit language and learn how to awaken spiritual energy in the throat chakra. 
  • Progress into the amazing tongue positions that stimulates sensual awareness and triggers direct spiritual experience.
  • When you refine your mantric speech, your everyday speech and communication skills also improve dramatically.
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One-on-One Coaching in Small Groups 
Refine your Prounciation (Live Trainings)

  • When you incorrectly pronounce mantras, you change their meaning and therefore their effect. Refine your pronunciation of Sanskrit mantras through private attention in small groups so that you can tap the intended effects and benefits of mantras.
  • In contrast to listening to your own incorrect pronunciation, be lovingly and expertly guided into the proper manner of chanting Sanskrit mantras. This process lends authenticity to your spiritual practice and chanting.
  • Proper chanting of mantras helps you channel the spiritual heritage and consciousness intended for the well being of the world. Your effort not only shows benefits for you personally, but for all your relationships rippling out into the world.
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Rossanna Wells, New York
Primary Care Patient Navigator

"I embarqued on the Mastery of Mantra training, drawn by my desire to learn, following my ancient connection with the energy of mantras. Little I knew then, how valuable they were going to be for my own healing process while going through serious health challenges. My awareness and perception of everything have changed. My commitment to bring healing wherever I go now is stronger than ever! Russill brings his powerful knowledge and experience to his teachings, supporting everyone on a personal level"

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Lisa Ferraro, New Jersey
Yoga and Mantra Teacher

"The Mastery of Mantra Training was invaluable for me to notice my habits and perfect my pronunciation. The inspirational talks by Russill opened me to the deeper meanings of the mantras. This guidance has enabled me to access deeper states of consciousness while chanting the mantras and beyond. I also loved joining with our wonderful community of students and looked forward to hearing them chant and talk of their experiences. I felt honored to be part of such a wonderful spiritual community."

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Louissa Gabriel, B.C. Canada
Business Owner, Mantra Lover

"This course has been a very wise investment for my soul's journey! Live on-line sessions with Russill, along with close up video tutorials  where is easy to see the tongue positions  as Russill is chanting have made all the difference.  The transcendent  power of the mantras now reveal themselves at last, as the vehicles they are to communion with Source.  The more I practice the more tangible the sense of communion becomes."