The Chakra Cleanse is a powerful system designed to help you release subtle negative energies and patterns sabotaging your life and your happiness. Experience a lighter self with an enhanced sense of freedom! 

experience the lightness and freedom

  • Reduce Self-sabotage: We often operate in the dark, unaware of negative deposits in our soul that feed negativity that sabotages our health and happiness. This cleanse helps ease out those energies.
  • Enhanced Spiritual Vision: This cleanse will help increase the depth of your spiritual awareness resulting in a clearer vision of what holds you back. The insights you gain will empower you immeasurably.
  • Feel Lighter in Your Soul: As the cleanse progresses, week after week, you will begin to feel lighter in your soul as you shed old and unwanted energies that no are longer serving your highest good.
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light on your time and schedule

  • Cleanse from anywhere: Undertaken from anywhere in the world, and on your own schedule, this guided cleanse has minium demands on your time with maximum benefits to your soul.
  • Custom Designed Audios: Just listen to the specially designed audios before you sleep and upon waking. Each audio is only about 5 minutes. And you do three simple rituals, each about 60-seconds. 
  • Stay Calm and Centered: You follow simple instructions to stay calm and centered throughout the day as the chakra cleanse unfolds for you as you learn to react less and respond more lovingly.
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Joe Kavanagh, Real Estate Appraisor, S. Carolina

This may have been the most profound experience of my life so far, other than the births of my children, etc. When we began, I had no idea what a chakra was, let alone how they influenced my mindset and thought patterns. I have now come to a pretty complete understanding of who I am, what I am, and why I think and act as I do. The power this has exposed me to via my chakras has been nothing short of incredible. I am now on an accelerated path towards my 'true self'.


Denise Desoto, Nurse Practitioner, Arizona   

During the root chakra cleanse, I bought a house in Sedona. It involved a "bidding war" of 4 parties. As I was in this process, I could feel the shift of energies in me from the old: "I'll never get it" to the new: "Why not me". Because those thoughts are connected to energetic experiences, it was a gift of personal empowerment directly relating to security on this planet. Now, I live in my dream home — on a red rock hillside— in own my sacred cave — my holy mountain in the West.    


Louissa Gabrielle, Business Owner, New York    

This Chakra Cleanse brougth me more clarity, finding it easier to take responsibilty for my crap now that I am recognizing it in it's many guises. I am more aware and accepting of my needs and able to communicate with others more clearly and effectively. I am setting better boundaries with others and with my time. As a result I am "leaking less energy", feeling more aligned with source and purpose. Yay!     


Donald Moutton, Yoga Teacher, New York    

The daily meditations are tremendous! I get so much out of the repeated listening. Hear new things each time. But what is more valuable is the impromptu audios and videos you post. When I hear you speak, it clears all doubt and a clarity snaps into place. Making me so happy to be receiving your wisdom.     


Rebecca Nunley, Dentist, Tennessee    

As a result of the Chakra Cleanse, I have found my days to be increasing in awareness — observing my "stories" clearly without being overtaken by them. On occasion, particularly during the sex chakra, I was overpowered by a very prominent story/energy pattern. I worked all week and still working to see the precious truth revealed in this long held belief. As a result, I have found myself overwhelmed with gratitude unable to complain or worry in the face of such love and blessing. And I feel the transformation in my daily life.    


Rossanna Wells, Primary Care Navigator, NY

I have never felt so empowered and contented ever in my life than now after this Chakra Cleanse! I feel happy, confident, content, spiritually so connected to the Divine, to everything and everyone. When working with the patients at the hospital, or calling on the phone to confirm appointments, or answering questions, I come from the heart at all times now, it doesn't matter if I'm busy, or tired. I consciously answer from the heart which I can immediately hear on my tone of voice, and in the face/body answers I get right away.    


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