This course offers three programs structured in such a manner that you simply cannot miss anything! On the contrary, you can conveniently  access content from anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night. And the content is yours to keep forever!

Frustrated with "manifestation" techniques? Learn how to become a channel with the right mindset to reduce frustration in the manifestation process, increase its possibilities, and make it more meaningful. 


Manifest effortlessly from a deeper place:

  • Learn to take the frustration out of the manifestation process and actually enjoy both the process and the results.
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Streamline the manifestation process:

  • Get deeper into the manifestation process by learning how to best articulate what your soul desires so you attract that which you need.
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Learn a powerful 21-practice:

  • Learn a powerful practice that brings your body and your intention into the manifestation process together with mantras of abundance.
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Real People: Real Results

Here are just a few of the amazing testimonials from our current students. We strive to exceed your highest expectations, bringing you awesome content together with phenomenal instructor support and a loving student community.

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Cindy Weaks from S. Carolina: Director of Accounting and Channeling Grace Kirtan Leader

"I have participated in many avenues of study over the past 20 years and none have come close to the superior quality of content and support that I have experienced with Yogic Mystery School and my studies with Russill. Participation in YMS has transformed my life on every level. I have felt empowered and encouraged to become the very best that I can possibly be in every way. It has changed the way that I experience everything and everyone and has introduced me to a new way of BEing that is reflected not only in my personal life but in my professional life as well. I feel incredibly blessed and deeply grateful that I found this path and this teacher! “

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Dr. Jeannine Good-Allen from Colorado: Professional Singer, Recoding Artist and Dancer

"The greatest gift that I have received from this program that I've been on for many years has been the sense of peace despite the ups and downs in my life. It’s been wonderful to be part of this community especially recently when I’ve gone through health challenges. I took the content along with me and I could really feel the sense of the Divine with me, a sense that I am definitely not alone. The journey has given me great sense and courage and even in the midst of great pain, I’ve experienced great excitement. I’ve been able to evolve as a human being through this process."

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Katherine Duncanson from Toronto: Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Professional Singer and Dancer

“YMS has anchored me, excited me, inspired me, challenged me. My life has been so enriched by the teachings and the way in which Russill's wisdom has been imparted. I recommend the Yogic Mystery School to anyone who is ready to take a beautifully guided leap into their own depth of Spirit. By the way, if you are intimidated by technology, don't be. The sessions, conferences and webinars are easy to access and have a very personal touch. A really lovely community is established with Russill, Asha and all fellow students.”

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Stephanie Doherty from California: Senior Yoga Teacher and Banking Services Professional

"I have very basic knowledge of the Internet and all that goes with it and this course is completely doable!! It is an amazing course, professional, interactive, and feels so personal. We get plenty of support and dialog with Russill and have our wonderful YMS community, a group of smart, different, open individuals from all over who are serious spiritual seekers with lots of insight to share. The discipline and experiences I have had thru this time have altered my life, sent me on a great and unexpected journey of self discovery!! A journey I had not expected and did not know all that was inside of me, and all that I was capable of experiencing."